Craft room hacks


Time to de-clutter your craft space? There are some great budget-friendly hacks over at this link on Buzzfeed to help you organize your craft space. My own tip is this. [...]

Braided diy bracelet


Stackable diy bracelets are still very popular, so here’s a quick and easy tutorial for a braided bracelet. It’s a little higgledy-piggledy, but I like that in a bracelet :-)  [...]

Fold an origami heart


For a finished heart of 6 cm (about 2½ inches) use a square of paper 12 cm x 12 cm (about 5×5 inches). The first time you do this it’s [...]

Handmade DIY bookmark tutorial


This is a quick and easy tutorial for handmade personalized bookmarks. All you need is a length of ribbon, metal ribbon ends (the same width or similar to your ribbon), [...]